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10-27-2011, 01:18 AM
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Making him look good? Really? His decision to keep Connolly made him look sane and someone with a common sense. Its obvious that all you look at are his stats rather than his play on ice. The kid creates chances. Ever since he was moved to play with Vinny and Marty their production increased. Its not all about stats and personal accolade its what you can create on the ice and boy does he ever.
It is really simple.
Most hockey folks (I mean more than a few individuals - scouts, former coaches, players, etc., guys really in the know) have raised eyebrows and are surprised with the selection of a player with two secondary assists over nine games with the amount of TOI BC was given to be awarded an spot on the TBL roster. Yeah, we all get Yzerman's PR spin about how he "makes the team better." Please - "better than what?"

BC has played fabulously (maybe) for a young man and he will hopefully turn into a something special. If it is just his intangibles that make him so special so far will these same intangibles make him remarkable over the next 9 games? Look at his rookie forward colleagues on other NHL teams - 18 and 19 year olds that are and are not staying with their NHL teams --- zero goals has not provided their passes to NHL roster spots - Check out Nugent.

What about the next 9 games? How about two more secondary assists? Making the team better? Intangibles? Yes... not everything shows up on the score sheet for sure. But, if the scoresheet doesn't look better for him intangibles will become intangible.

Bottom-line... BC is Mr. Yzerman's first, first round pick and he (BC) has been given a big, big pass into the show... hope for the best, be prepared to scratch your head.

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