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10-27-2011, 09:16 AM
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I atended a game at the Wells Fargo last week, it was only my second game in the building. It was a GREAT atmosphere, the fans really bring energy to the building. I live in Ottawa and their building is TERRIBLE. However, I have attended games in Montreal, if you are a "true" hockey fan, do yourself a favor - attend at least one game in Montreal. It is an awe-inspiring experience.

In Philly, I honestly think the fans do a good job keeping our team accountable. With that said, I personally think the fans have a NEGATIVE impact on the game in certain ways:

1. STOP ******* BOOING SIDNEY CROSBY!!! Some players get off their game when boo'ed, but some guys feed off it. Crosby feeds off it, so......leave him the **** alone
2. Take it easy on the Refs would ya. The fans boo the hell out of em, half the time when they make the right call, and then......the calls end up going AGAINST the home team. Drives me nuts.

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