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10-27-2011, 09:36 AM
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What are your hopes/expectations for the home stand?

Just wondering what everyone thinks would constitute a 'successful' home stand? For me it breaks down to two completely different areas of they play, and what their record is.

Looking backward, I COMPLETELY agree with what Tortorella said about there being no need to apologize for their record. But looking forward, I do think the team just needs to play better, needs to have the puck more, needs to forecheck better, needs more from Richards, needs balanced scoring...needs a lot in order to be able to compete with the best this season. And it's time to start competing with the best.

I really think it's time for the Rangers to get out of that dreaded fight for the 7-10 positions the last two weeks of the season...and they have to play better to do that.

So this homestand is a huge barometer...and a huge opportunity. When it's said and done the season will be 16% complete...still a long way to go of course, but not the beginning of the season anymore. I would like to see them not playing catch up the whole winter. After the homestand the team will also have played one more home game than road game, so that advantage will have gone away.

They are playing three bad teams who are playing badly...Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal. One potentially bad team who is playing really well right now and may or may not actually be bad...Toronto. And two teams off to the same kind of start we are...Anaheim and San Jose. The games are perfectly spaced, there is plenty of practice time, and there should be no fatigue issues whatsoever.

Personally, considering the level of competition and what our potential should be, I would like 9 points out of 12...that's what a top team would do. But I would sign for 8. Anything less would be a disappointment. They really need to come out of this flying...the schedule going forward does not get difficult until Thanksgiving...this is their opportunity to play near the front of the standings for a change.

I TOTALLY do not buy any Marc Staal injury excuses...or any injury excuses for that matter. The Penguins have been without Crosby for the entire season, and Malkin has been limited to one goal in four games. Yet they are 7-2-2. Their top scoring forwards are James Neal, Pascal Dupuis, Jordan Staal and Matt Cooke. Please. Most would agree those names do not compare to our top forwards...yet the Penguins are there, and we are here. Again. Time to end that.

ALL teams have injuries that are important to them, and find ways to deal with them. It's part of hockey.

So my expectations are 8-9 points out of 12, and the team playing better and more cohesively. I don't think 4-1-1 or 4-2 is too much to ask for.

What say you?

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