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10-27-2011, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by czechmate25 View Post
The point is, booing an oppsing player gives them the feeling they are doing something right. Players feed off of it. If you get boo'd in an opposing building, it means that the other fans either fear you or wish they had you (just look at the reaction jagr has got in Pittsburgh ever since he left that dump, you think those clowns dont wish they still had jagr?)

I will never boo a guy like Crosby (and I hate him more than most) b/c I won't give him the satisfaction of feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Does anyone really think being boo'd effects elite players game play? Ovechkin got the crap boo'd out of him in Philly last week, he was in a slump (by his standards) and he goes out and scores two goals.

Silence and no reaction says much more than booing does imo.
Booing the other team is stupid, for sure.

Originally Posted by Hollywood Couturier View Post
No other fanbases boo more than us because we're stereotyped to always be booing and angry fans. When really we're not.

We boo players when they're not playing up to their ability. We will boo the living hell out of a player that isn't hustling. IF you work hard the fans will love you. If you dog it we will boo. The fanbase expects to win.
This. This is 100% the Philly sports fan ethos, and is why I use this avatar. Kappy didn't bring top-6 speed to Philly, but he brought 100% effort.

As for refs, NHL refs suck and always deserve to be booed. Same for Bettman. In fact, if the Flyers ever were to win the Cup at home, I think the fans would still boo him. I would, anyway.

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