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10-27-2011, 09:57 AM
Joe Cole
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Kremelim, Carey Price and Kriss E !!

My my, the Weberites were fast to defend him!

I do not have the games digitized and at my finger tips so that I can post the instances where he is over matched in his end. Seriously.... do you have all the games ready for that kind of documented proof? I have a career I am trying to maintain between posts on HF!

That said, yes, I believe he is over matched VERY often. More so than any other D on the current roster. Not that Martin's opinion is well thought of here but, the fact that Weber is scratched or used as a forward says it all.

Often, he either loses the battle straight out or is rushed into making a bad play and gets a team mate in a bad position where the team mate loses a battle. It has to do with game speed, balance and strength.

Obviously he is going to be compared to other Habs D. Diaz is the exception I suppose, he has transitionned to the North American game quickly. He makes a fast first pass and uses his speed to stay n position, even if he does not have the strength to compete at a purely physical level.

The next comparison is Emelin. Weber has played hundreds of games in North America, all his junior and AHL games. There is no mystery in the game here for Weber. We have to giv Emelin a longer leas to see if he ever will become a NHL D. He has the body tye, and possibly the offensive potential, we'll see if he ever starts to understand the NHL defensive zone game.

He had a great goal last night. No debate. But I do not see him being a top 6 D on the Habs, nor on any other team I believe is a contender. Not yet. Will he develop, maybe, but there is no way he is that guy now. If you think so, let's say we have different standards.

As for why he is a + player right now.... look at the games he has played, the opposition. Look at the forwards he was lined up against. The Habs want him to develop. They are picking their spots with him. He played a ton of minutes....against a Florida. Not exactly the offensive powerhouse are they?

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