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10-27-2011, 12:24 PM
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A different tact for a broker's fee x 2...?

We gather that,

Weber, a RFA, may want to leave Nashville for Vancouver.
Suter, an URA, is up in the air,

We have been beating our selves up going after these guys.
Cap could be an issue for us also.

My question:
What moves could we undertake WHERE WE, AS BROKERS, LOOKING TO MAKE A PROFIT FOR OUR BROKERING, would help Vancouver get the space for Weber, and for other teams to get Suter? (Other teams are likely interested, but assume the Hawks are interested in Weber but more realistically will go for Suter.)

This means envisioning a strategy of multiple moves, which you may reflect if you wish as three or four team trades, but with an eye to keeping it more realistic, do in stages as opposed to simultaneous 3 or 4 way, etc. megatrade.

For example.
Canucks need cap space for Weber.

Step 1
Montreal wants expiring contracts for free agency potential.
So Rangers give (trade) St. Croix
along with expiring contracts of EC, Avery + Wolski for a 3rd
achieving the goal of creating more cap space now for NYR.
{Do NOT follow up w/what Habs must do to dump other players to fit EC, Avery + Wolski. Just assume they can and will get rid of other players because St. Croix is worth it.}

Step 2
With this [and other] cap space we accommodate Canucks FOR A PRICE.
While preferably this would be more D for F oriented killing 2 birds with 1 stone, let me make my point more obvious.
Rangers get Luongo + 1st rounder 2012 + 3rd founder 2014 + x better prospect
Canucks get Biron + 2013 3rd founder + y lesser prospect
Other moves would have to be made for cap, fill in the blanks.
But the objective is achieved, we have Luongo, a moveable asset if a contending team has a goaltending injury, + we have a first, + we get a better prospect.

VC is happy, they have more room they MUST have to sign Weber.
NYR get profit. (Would be nice if we could have signed Weber, but the cap hit + commitment would kill us. So instead, let's participate in the process and get a piece of the action...)

The above Biron for Luongo is for illustration purposes only, just to make my point.

It's extra work, but we may be able to get roughly equal value from the Hawks and pry away the likes of a Dylan Olsen for our trouble.

There are other variations on the Canucks.

Feel free to suggest other examples fitting this scenario besides Weber and Suter.


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