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10-27-2011, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
That said, yes, I believe he is over matched VERY often. More so than any other D on the current roster. Not that Martin's opinion is well thought of here but, the fact that Weber is scratched or used as a forward says it all.


As for why he is a + player right now.... look at the games he has played, the opposition. Look at the forwards he was lined up against. The Habs want him to develop. They are picking their spots with him. He played a ton of minutes....against a Florida. Not exactly the offensive powerhouse are they?
I respect your opinion, Joe. I do take issue with the above two points, however. Weber has played over 20 mins every game except the first two (where he was playing as a forward for some of the games). Despite those first two games skewing the statistics a fair bit, Weber has averaged to be third amongst Montreal defensemen in ice time per game. Exclude those first two games where he played as a forward for some of the time, and Weber's averaging more ice time than Gorges. All this while posting the best +/-.

If you say to look at how Martin is treating him as a reflection of how good he is, then I would argue that Martin's come around to respecting Weber's game. If you say he's only playing a ton of minutes against Florida, I say that while he played his season-high of just shy of 25mins against Florida, he's played 20+ against every other team as well.

Please note: I don't disagree that he is, at times, overmatched. I disagree that it is consistent, and disagree that it is more frequent than, say, Diaz. I also think the point that Weber gets some sheltered minutes is worth noting.

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