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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
I disagree. It should play a factor because you want a player to have little incentive to move oversees. Some Russian teams are willing pay top money and you don't want that kind of competition.

So it really depends on a player-by-player basis. Alot of time should be taken to understand the type of player the kid is and how much he wants to play in the NHL.
I'd say that the "Russian Factor" is something to consider, but not for the true top talents. Your Ovechkins, Malkins, and Yakupovs aren't a real risk for running to the KHL. The area where it's a real concern are the late 1st rounders and later picks. The players who need seasoning and development, but don't want to spend time in the AHL making the lesser half of a two-way contract.

There is, of course, the player by player differences as well. A player like Yakupov who is in his second year in the CHL (where he went specifically because it was seen as a quicker path to "his dream to play in the NHL" really isn't a risk for KHL flight. Unless you have a Columbus style diaster in development, Nail will play for the team that drafts him. Grigorenko is slightly more of a risk where he hasn't spent as much time in North America, and appears to have more ties back to the Russian leagues. However, as a top tier candidate, he could likely jump directly to the NHL level. A player like Nikita Kucherov is certainly a risk though. Picked late in the second round, he hasn't spent any time playing in North America. He's already played in the KHL (8 games last year, 10 so far this year). Tarasenko (2010 - 16th overall) isn't considered a risk but Kuznetsov (2010 - 26th overall) was considered to be a risk for any team that doesn't have Russians in the system.

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