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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
A borderline charge. But definitely not boarding.

Really one of those unfortunate areas of the ice. If the the player was up the ice 1 more foot or closer to the boards 1 more foot he would have been fine.
People think boarding is only for hits from behind into the boards, but that's not the case, it's for any particularly violent/dangerous hit into the boards. "Checking from behind" is only for hits from behind, but it's a more severe penalty (automatic major and game misconduct), so you don't see it called that often. These are the rules as they're defined in the NHL of course, but they're similar in most leagues.

As for this hit, I think it's a penalty, you could really call either charging or boarding. Both penalties are very ambiguous, very loosely defined, but they're basically just meant to penalize overly reckless/dangerous/malicious hits. They're basically the same penalty, except charging is for open ice hits, boarding for hits along the board, and this hit is sort of half way between open ice and along the boards. Checking is mostly in the game as a way to separate a guy from the puck, you're not meant to slaughter people. As for the suspension, considering the victim suffered a major concussion on a hit that I think is pretty clearly either a charge or board, I think 1 game is about right.

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