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Originally Posted by MetalheadPenguinsFan View Post
As tremendously talented as he was, I've never liked RJD's vocals. And I've only heard a handful of the Tony Martin era but didn't like it either.

To me, the definitive peak of Sabbath was their first 4 albums.

Maybe I just prefer their heavier, doomier, darker, stuff, or maybe I'm just picky?
I feel the same way as you. RJD was a very talented singer, no doubt there. But I just never really liked the style of music that it seems to usually be accompanied with.

I also agree with the first four > the rest. I think there is a more distinctive style change from Vol. 4 to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath than in any of the 4 before that. For me personally it was a change for the worse. I really like the heavy dark sound they have on the first four albums. But with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and what I have heard of their stuff after that, they took a turn to softer and less dark stuff, which I don't think they execute as well.
I don't think you are being picky. For me the albums after Vol 4. just don't posses the sound that I love, that got me hooked on Sabbath when I first heard the Black Sabbath and Paranoid albums.

Just for the record, I am not some guy who swears by the albums he brought from Sabbath when he was young and they first came out. I only started listening to Sabbath 2 or 3 years ago, but give me a break, I'm only 18 and I didn't have a metalhead dad to show me the light (or darkness?) of metal, so I had to find that my self.

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