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Originally Posted by Hightide85 View Post
what in god's name are you blabbering about?
I'll try it a little more simply.

Weber wants the hometown Canucks; Vancouver wants Weber but don't have enough cap room.

So Vancouver needs trading partners to help it create (enough) cap space.
What can we give to Vancouver that will result in creating space for Vancouver ?

A minimal example of 1 for 1 is Luongo makes more than Biron, and some people are pissed that Luongo, in the view of some, choked in the finals. So Luongo for Biron. But that's not enough. We take Luongo off Vancouver hands until we can flip him for a decent price (the highest bidder as soon as there is an injury to a goalie). But we demand draft picks for our trouble.

[Normally Luongo would command a lot more, but that is not pivotal to Canucks because their immediate goal is cap space. The ability to make room for Weber as soon as possible offsets and supercedes the loss of value on Luongo for Biron.]]

Of course, in order to first make space to stick Luongo on NYR roster, we had to dump a couple of expiring contracts. So I gave the example Montreal is rebuilding, St. Croix is a decent prospect fit for them if they take this short term salary off our hands.

Now that you see the example, the invitation is to figure out:

what teams want a big name
what do they need (cap, specific type of player we have)
what deal do we make to allow them to get what they need, but at the same time charge some kind of profit that will help us down the road?

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