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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
It is impossible to compare the two leagues now because they don't play each other. The MHL is a brand new league, so it is likely that it falls below the competitive balance of the CHL at this point. At the same time, the fact that Russia won the Subway Series last year for the first time with predominantly MHL players would suggest that the MHL plays at a high level for a new league. Most Russian fans believe that the MHL was a piece of the puzzle that was sorely missing in terms of making big improvements in the quality of Russian junior hockey. Prior to the KHL, Russian juniors had little or no competitive experience unless they were able to make a KHL or RSL roster and gain significant playing time. In a few years, a KHL-CHL World Junior team championship could be a very competitive and interesting matchup.
Realistically the MHL had very little to do with the Subway series success. Rather the approach to selection was simply the main reason for success. I'd also suggest that the MHL hasn't existed long enough to have any significant impact on Russian hockey yet. It obviously will and hopefully it will be very positive, but many of the 90's, 91's and 92's were around before the MHL and thus the new system hasn't really emcompassed all their Junior hockey experience.

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