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10-29-2003, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Obsessed
Although it is not me who had originally thought of this. I can't remember who did. Anyhow, it seems logical that the difference between the 2 sides is the coaching staff. (or maybe Joey peed in his gatorade bottle and everyone laughed at him) IMO the coaching staff belittled Comrie and his pathetic playoffs and perhaps even scolded him in front of his teamates.

Reasons for this theory:

1) MacTavish staged his own little holdout of sorts this summer stating that "philisophical" differences needed to be worked out. Could it be that K-Lowe had not yet made his descision on a possible ultimatum from either side. It may have been either Comrie goes or I go scenario.

2) Comrie won't talk about it. He doesn't want to be seen as a coach killer. That would also make him difficult to trade. Who wants that type of player on their team. Good reason to stay quiet.

3) Comrie was said to be at the team Halloween party. Something that the coaches do not attend. Yet he skipped the team golf tourney. Something the coaches DO attend.

My 2 cents. Its as plausable as any other theory out there. IMO

That's one hell of a thought! I agree with that theory, everything adds up to that.