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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
In the end the only thing that these companies should realize is that they're hastening the demise of television as we know it.

Everything is pretty much already streamed online from outside sources for free. These will include out of market advertising or no advertising at all. Soon advertising payoff will fall, advertisers will pull out, and television stations aren't going to be thrilled. Television service providers are going to feel the brunt of this eventually.

By getting into wars over who can carry what for what price you're forcing people to watch for free online; you're basically saying "I'll take money now. Who cares what happens next year?"

As it stands right now, my roommates and I don't purchase a TV provider. We choose what we want to watch and either buy a service that will give it to us via internet or stream it for free. We may not be the first to go in this direction, but I'm very confident that we won't be the last.
Once the Internet delivery option grows in subscriber base they will start to charge more and end up having the same battles.

Or you end up cutting out the "middleman" (directv) and have to go to a website for every show maker(NBC, fx, comedy Central, ect). Eventually they could all charge individually. Right now that's basically what happens in the background...only the providers aggregate it all for us, take care of it and charge us a flat fee.

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