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10-29-2003, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Obsessed
Could it be that, that was the question that hit closest to home. Thats why thet blunt answer of NO?

Absolutely that is possible, I was just throwing it out there for thought.

One other point, last night on Sportsnet they did a clip on Marchant returning to Edmonton and in the clip it was said that Marchtant still kept in touch with some people on the Oilers and specifically it was reported that he has talked to Comrie with, among other things, his hold out/contract dispute/tantrum or what ever it turns out to be.

Today in the Sun it quotes Marchant as saying that Comrie feels he is worth X and the Oilers feel he is worth Y, doesn't that take us back to money as being the issue?

There is no gag order on Marchant, nor is he really likely to realize just how much of a monster this story has become in Edmonton, is it possible he had a slip of the tongue and said something that he wasn't suppose to?

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