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10-29-2003, 06:27 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Not that it's needed, but here's my take....

Rheume getting hurt was the best thing about last night..But what do you expect when you throw a guy out on the ice who is out of shape, unconditioned, and was just handed a job? Recalling Wiseman is what should have been done in the first place (letting Rheume work out the kinks in Hartford)..Just hope the injury is longer then 2-4 weeks.....

As for Lundmark and the LWs..I love Lundmark, but don't think he has done much at all for the Rangers , especially since his line-up yo-yo started..But he has been no worse then the veteran pieces of fecal matter named Jan Hlavac and Martin Rucinsky..These guys add absolutley zilch to the team, but what do you expect with sloppy thirds......

What I would do is give lundmark one more shot by putting his darting speed on the wing of Nedved and Kovalev and see what happens---It can't be worse, right?..Hlavac has done zilch and almost looks like Brent Fedyk out there.....It doesn't work, send him down to Hartford where, all things considered, he might be better off..

Move Hlavac and Rucinsky down the line-up somewhere, or even let them take a seat and reflect on their performance and pitiful production..

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