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Originally Posted by Basher
That being said, answer "C" best fits the bill. Though my theories may not be far from correct, I don't think they will hold water when it comes down to the nitty gritty. So, why is the person that is responsible for our short-comings being that person? Why do we have all of the necessary keys to a sucessful franchise except, arguably, the scorer that this team has NEVER had.

First of all, I don't want to bring a solution up, because I don't know who I would want to come in. I don't wanna spend money or players and get a flop. This is your part, who do we bring in that will really "score" for us? Simple, eh'?
You answered your own question. You question why this franchise doesn’t get a true scorer. Then you say you don’t know how to get a scorer.

Getting offensive player(s) to carry the team offensively is not an easy proposition.

These are the two things holding us back:

<i>1) Draft Position. </i>

In general, we have sucked over our existence. But we have always been “just good enough” to miss out on drafting the true offensive superstars. Atlanta got Kolachuk and Heatley. Minnesota got Gaborik. Columbus got Nash.

Contrary to popular belief, the reason we haven’t drafted these dominant offensive players isn’t because of “bad drafting.” It’s because of bad, unlucky, draft position.

Our luck has simply sucked when it comes to where we draft…

In 1998, there was only one “can’t miss” dominant offensive player. That player was Lecalavier. He was drafted #1, we picked at the #2 spot.

In 1999, there were no can’t miss, dominant offensive players.

In 2000, Minnesota and Columbus entered the league. Had they not, we would’ve been picking at the #3 position. And yes, Marian Gaborik would likely be a Predator.

In 2001, we picked at the 12th spot after having an almost .500 season. You can’t expect an offensive superstar at the 12th spot, though Edmonton may have hit the jackpot with the #13 pick, Ales Hemsky.

In 2002, had we lost ONE MORE GAME, we would’ve been picking at the #4 spot, Joni Pitkanen.

We’ll see how 2003 turns out. I thought we should’ve drafted one of the many high end offensive players available in the first round. We drafted a defenseman. I’m not knowledgeable enough to judge the selection now, but I will be seriously pissed if Suter isn’t a dominant defenseman and guys like Parise, Nilsson, Kasistyn, and/or Brown are putting up major offensive numbers.

<i>#2) Poile is afraid to take risks. He won’t even consider trading prospects. And yes, Leipold’s reluctance to spend money contributes to his fear of risks. </i>

In Columbus, they are proactive in getting scoring, picking up guys like Whitney, Sandersson, Caseels etc. That would not happen in Nashville. Why? Those guys have salaries of over 2 million. They just won’t do it. Ya, Columbus has a higher payroll than us, but they are brining in a lot more revenue.

In Atlanta, they take risks as well, for example, Marc Savard. That wouldn’t happen in Nashville. Why? Because Savard makes over 2 million and we would’ve likely had to trade a prospect. Poile seems to have a hard-lined stance--- DO NOT DEAL PROSPECTS. Thee only exception being when he traded Tomas Slovak, who of course, was traded for another prospect.

Poile’s fear of trading prospects probably dates to back to his days in Washington when he traded two prospects (Jason Allison and Anson Carter) for aging veterans (Oates and Tocchett). Since he botched that one, he is afraid of botching another one.

When talking about scorers, the thing that Poile has to be killing himself over is not picking Milan Hejduk in the expansion draft. Sure, it’d be easy to say that he was an unknown that was hidden in Europe. But that’s not the reality of the situation. Hejduk was tearing up the Czech League and played on the goal medal Olympic Team (yes, the one with NHL players). But Poile was afraid to take the risk. He saw an opportunity to get a free 2nd round draft pick by picking up Uwe Krupp. Hejduk wasn’t worth the risk of that sure-fire 2nd round draft pick.

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