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10-27-2011, 07:57 PM
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The NASHL Media office and NASH Networks associates are proud to announce the NEW NASHL Network. The new NASHL Network will emphasize all around new shows, new logo, and new marketing oppurtunites for the NASHL. The NASHL Network will have all shows broadcast on Youtube throughout the 2012-13 season (2nd NASHL season) and we may look into broadcasting live in the future. We are looking into live trade deadline coverage though. We have a strong core of shows confirmed that are coming to the network starting this week. Hopefully more will be added soon with the interest in the network growing. You get 10 points when you start a show which of course is a great oppurtunity for you to take. I will give you a detailed summary on our new show lineup.

NASHL on the Fly

NASHL ON THE FLY will be hosted by 2 analysts on a day that's right for them that details what's going on in the league. This show will be the flagship program of the NASHL Network and I would like to publicly thank whoever wants to do this for there interest of hosting this show. This show will detail all major news going on in the league in this SportsCenter type show. There will be special guests in some cases. The times will be stretched out depending on there schedule.

NASHL Turning Point

NASHL TURNING POINT will be hosted on Thursdays by PredsGM, and MinnyGM. This expert panel (which also hosts On The Fly) will give there opinions to the viewers and will be a very interesting product to show on our network. Tune in to this show and don't miss the action!

NASHL Total Access

NASHL Total Access will be hosted by Branden (me) every Tuesday Night at 7:30 PM ET. This show will offer my opinion on what's going on in the league, and will also be a show that will be very interactive to the viewer. Things like the weekly mailbag, and SHOUTOUT! will make this show very fun to watch. The weekly mailbag is a opportunity to ask me questions each week via email or PM. This show will also take place in the beautiful new NASHL Network studios in Massachusetts. The show will start on Tuesday October 25th at 7:30 PM.

NASHL SmackTalk

More information coming soon.

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