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10-27-2011, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by braindead View Post
Tell her husband to tape the game for you.

(If that joke isn't allowed, you now have the power- and my blessing- to delete it. Have fun.).
Haha no man you're fine.

Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
Sounds to me like she's not worth it.

I kid.
Yeah I'm actually in the process of figuring out if she is worth it So far so good

Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
Stay in, make her dinner, and watch the game together. If she doesn't know hockey, explain the rules.

Of course, that assumes this girl likes sports at all...
The trouble is, she is a vegetarian and I am most certainly not. Also, she watched a game with me one night. It's too bad it was the Edmonton game...

Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
Does Garon not realize the ref is in play?
He must not. Either that, or his emotions got the better of him.

I am home now. The game is still on. I have a stream. Time to hook the laptop into the big screen to watch. But don't get any ideas. I'm sure SLake is still around, and I can still use my phone

BTW... HORNY!!!! 3-2 Good Guys. I will return during intermission

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