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10-27-2011, 09:18 PM
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From what I've seen from every team so far this season, I can safely say we may be amongst the worst teams to start the season. Sounds like an overreaction but honestly, 3 flukey wins in which our goalies bailed us despite getting outshot badly. Give or take a few lucky bounces and suddenly we look poised to draft Yakupov.
Why the hell is this offense so anemic. It's strange when I actually watch a good offensive team,like Wash or Phil, after the watching the Rangers for a while and I'm like "oh wow this is how good teams actually play".

Had such high expectations before the season started. Really hoping they turn it around.
If things keep goin this way, by what game in the season do things start looking bleak?
Obviously everyone is saying right, "ONLY 8 GAMES BRAH, GIVE IT SOME TIME", but I think if nothing changes by game 20 or 25 we might be in for a rough season.

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