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10-27-2011, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SomebodySaveKreider View Post
I think Richards has been good this year so far. He had a bad game, but it happens. He's only one guys though, theres plenty of blame to go around.

A few things I've noticed so far though.

1. This D NEEDS Staal back. He's such a difference maker defensively, and even in making that first pass out of the zone.
2. Callahan, Dubinsky and Animisov NEED to play better. The idea is that they would be the second line that takes pressure off the first of Richards and Gaborik. They have been less then ineffective.
3. Get Christensen and Wolski as far away from this team as possible. I haven't been a fan of Christensen's since the day we picked up him up off waivers. Wolski is just cause. Dude has all the tools, but no toolbox.
4. Torts has to stop panicking with the line combos. I know he's trying to get the most out of his players, but you just can't build chemistry this way. I've defended Torts up to this point, but he's way too eager to make a lot of changes.

Its extremely early, so I'm not in panic mode yet, and still believe they'll turn it around and be just fine, but tonight was definitely disappointing.
#2 is of the most importance right now as far as Im concerned. Add Stepan to the list as well who hasnt played well at all either.

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