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10-27-2011, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Thornton ragdolled Laraque in a couple of occasions. Conboy might do good against average fighters la Hartnell, but against big and experienced like Thornton? He's dead. Same for Schultz. Or maybe if Thonrton plays till 50...then they might have a chance.

Thornton, like him or not, he's amongst the best in what he does.

Wouldn't say that. Thornton takes him down quickly, and then does pretty much nothing other than hold on and give the occasional punch.

Maybe while in Chicago though,

But then again, Thornton got beat clean by him twice too:

So, not so sure about ragdolling Laraque. I see him winning one, tying the other, and losing two.

He is a good fighter, but really, he's beatable.


Tries crap with Buf and gets tossed on his ass.

Hangs on for his life versus Brashear.

Really, he always looks great against us because there's nobody to answer him, but he doesn't strike fear in the eyes of other enforcers.

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