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10-27-2011, 11:51 PM
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So hear are my thoughts, pics to follow. Pros and Cons of each.

1. We got shirts!! wow I guess they can give us shirts since theres no knicks. Pro
2. The 6th floor madison concourse is definitely spacious with better bathrooms and definitely seems nice and cleaner with more room, its cool, very bright. Pro
3. The stores on the 6th floor madison concourse weren't bad either, i definitely like them better than the 1 solid store and little half a$$ ones from last year. Pro
5. EVERY CONCESSION WAS CLOSED EXCEPT FOR ICE CREAM, POPCORN AND BEER. Nothing opens until mid-december. RIDICULOUS CON. Not to mention the lines were outrageous Con.
5. The 300 level is even more of a crapshoot and tighter with less places to get food aside from hot dogs, bathrooms still suck. Ugh con.
6. The 400s are still the 400s, we got nothing up here, lol. Same as expected
7. The new 300s are cool i guess, but I'm confused, there were televisions in the first row...and the media set on the side of it in rows on the west goal end of the arena (rangers shoot twice side). This confused the hell out of me, is that the new 300s or just a special end area.
8. The covered up areas behind the 100s goal, where you used to walk around, now its just boarded up and is a terrible eyesore. Cover that up with those rangers banners or something.
9. THE WEST END BALCONY IS AWESOME, the seats have a sick view, even the stools do too. AND theres a complete glass side view of the msg booth where i have a sick pic of leech and trautwig.
10. The west end balcony concession lines are horrendous. Got on it with 15 mins left in 1st intermission, got back to my section 412 seat right below with 10 mins left in 2nd. (not that i cared)
11. West end balcony seats are only available for groups and individual tix...I was told tonight that they won't be up for season fix.
12. **BRIDGES NEWS** I learned that the bridges will connect to the ends of the west end balcony and go to the other side.....SO that means if you are under the balcony in the 400s you will not be blocked by the bridges to garden vision views. Unfortunately, and those with season tickets on the west end in the 400s learned tonight, if you anywhere behind I would say row E in the 400s, your not seeing garden vision because of the west balcony itself, and its a pretty crappy view.
13. All in all between the Rangers Play tonight and the opening of the New Arena i give the whole thing an D-. I just can't give it an F yet because well it still was exciting and would have been better if the play was better.

Now heres my question, sitting in 412 behind the goal, I do not see how it is feasible to change those seats into a combined upper bowl with the 300s directly below me. Just don't see how its possible at all. Now for the sides of the arena, I could see how they can combine the 2 sections, but I just don't see it for the ends. I will study some pictures. Okay pics to follow this post boys.

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