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10-27-2011, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
This is it--right? If you looked at our schedule at the start of the year, with the amount of changes that the team had--and said after 10 games you would be 5-4-1. I think most of us would have taken it. That fast start against Boston and Vancouver inflated expectations beyond what was reasonable, I think.

On the other hand, there really is no excuse for the kinds of performances that have been turned in over the last week or so. Losing is one thing--being out of sync is one thing--playing completely uninspired for large portions of games--that's what's so concerning.
It's the headless chicken impression we're doing that is of concern to me. I expected inconsistency, but not quite at this level. This game was just silly. Outside of Timonen and Coburn (until that last shift) no one on our team looked like they'd been coached after they turned 14yo.

Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
I would agree with you here, but it's not the point shots that are killing this team. It's the guys down low, the guys in front of the net (the guys the defensemen are responsible for) that are killing this team.

Some of the goals you can put on the forwards, for sure. But the majority of the goals scored on us were either:

a. The result of a terrible pass and subsequent turnover by one of our defensemen


b. The result of our defensemen leaving their counterparts wide open in front of the net to pot an easy rebound or create a screen for a shot to whiz by, or to deflect a shot.

While you can put some of the goals on the new young forwards not being defensively responsible, most of the blame falls on the defense. Lilja and Walker have both been terrible... far worse than our #5 and #6 were last year. Meszaros looks awful too. Carle and Coburn are also playing much, much worse than they did last year, and Carle without Pronger has gotten even worse. The only reliable defensemen we've had this year are Pronger and Timonen, and that's a problem. Defense was supposed to be a strength. Instead, it's been our biggest weakness IMO.
Our d's haven't exactly excelled. I was a fairly vocal opponent against the Lilja signing over the summer, we know that Walker isn't the greatest player in the league. It's too bad that Gustafsson and/or Bartulis didn't step up and claim the last spot in camp. Maybe Gustafsson will take this chance though. I hope he'll continue up with the big team while Pronger is out. Hopefully he shows enough to stay on even after Pronger returns.

It would be nice if one of Coburn/Meszaros/Carle really stepped up and showed that they can be leaders on this team, we've been waiting for that for a while now (especially with Coburn). I think Coburn has opened the season fairly well, not great by any means, but solid. Meszaros is still wildly inconsistent (and not just from game to game, but really from shift to shift, it's almost remarkable). Carle has had the worst start of the three imo. The past two games he's been horrible.

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