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Originally Posted by Kessel View Post
It all comes down to technique in the end but keep in mind the one100 is from the Supreme line

I have a Supreme one20 and a vapor x20 and it is a noticeable difference in the way the sticks are constructed.. the Vapor has nice smooth corners and fits nice in my hand while the Supreme feels alot bulkier and stiffer in my hands

Just practice until you feel confident in your shooting ability.. growing up my slapshot was terrible so I avoid it(still do)..But I got proper technique now and can get some juice on my slappers
I've owned quite a number of Vapor and Supreme sticks, agree about the shaft shape (Supreme is boxier, though I actually like that personally), disagree about the stiffness though. Between similarly high end, same flex rating Supremes and Vapors, the Vapors always feel noticeably stiffer to me. The Vapors are low kick sticks, built to be stiff in your hands, whippy right down by the blade, so I never really feel the flex the same way I do with mid kick Supremes, which flex at your bottom hand. I like mid kicks personally, grew up using wood sticks and they flex more similarly to woodies, just feels right to me, and I feel like I get more power out of them on all shots.

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