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10-27-2011, 11:51 PM
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#1 Briere's full NMC and Richards and Carter's NTCs not yet in place... When their clauses kicked in they would be in control... the timing was ripe to move them.

#2 It may be a case where the Organization decided that they did NOT want Richards and Carter to be the core going forward for another decade... they'd rather have more flexibility in the Cap Era and go with Giroux, Read and (as it turned out) Schenn, Simmonds, Voracek and a high selection as their Core forwards along with the players they kept for the next few years and re-sign them or move them later as they saw fit.

#3 They wanted a new Leadership Core Group that centered around Pronger and Kimmo and officially add Briere and work in Giroux and other young players... obtaining other strong character players such as Talbot... and eliminating their Captain, Richards and an Alternate, Carter who they may have felt were no leading in the proper manner.

#4 They may have wanted to shore up their standing with the Media and stop the obvious war with them and furnish better representation after games and during and after the season... Richards was not a friend to the local Media and Carter was not one who furnished well thought out and convey thoughts about games as a player like Knuble once did... Briere on the other hand was and remains a well sought after player by the Media who was well liked... They changed the sanding with the Media by elimination and bringing back Briere.

#5 The Organization wanted a 'Culture' change and moving Richards and Carter served that purpose... Moving Briere would no have accomplished that.

#6 Briere was and still is a great presence in the Room and with the young players... as mention by another he is a good mentor... Richards and Carter were not.

#7 Briere plays at near a PPG pace during the Regular Season and has been at better than a PPG player with the Flyers in the Postseason.

#8 Briere had only a few seasons left in his contract and Carter and Richards had many more remaining... In a few seasons he Flyers would have another $17M+ to work with rather than $6M+.

#9 Briere has been a good soldier in his time here and has moved around the lines and forward positions with neither complaint nor problem nor effect on output... Except for one major injury he has been in the lineup and played through injury... While Richards has also, he has had ups and downs... Carter was a strongman and then seems to now get hurt more often and also has more ups and downs and seems to be more effected with being moved around.

#10 Briere has proved to make players better when playing with them... IMO that has not been the case with Richards and Carter.

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