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Wow that was a lot of replies in a short time! I would have been back sooner, but I have 6mo and 18mo old boys that demand their fair share of attention. I really appreciate the tips guys. Thank You.

Where to start...:

Originally Posted by jetkarma View Post
The answers depend on what you want to do , let us know what you want to do , lots of good options we'll be happy to provide once you do !
Check out the game of course. I like to have a few drinks and to check out a new city. Being from the land of no-snow, any of the outdoor activities sound awesome.

Originally Posted by Makeshift We Are View Post
Plenty of hotels downtown. The Fairmont is classy. Not sure of prices.

There is food within walking distance. Check out The Forks, take a walk down Provencher Avenue and enjoy a cup of coffee while people watching... Just take in the city!
Checked the Fairmont. Pretty pricey...but looks great. The forks...check!

Originally Posted by JDz View Post
The peelers would be glad to see you.
Ok, I'll bite: What's a peeler?

Originally Posted by drew77 View Post
Just be sure to check the weather before you come. There will be just a slight temperature difference between Winnipeg and San Jose in January!
You mean I won't be able to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt in January? I'll have to make a trip to the store before the game to get winter wear. I'm sure a neon colored snow suit will be just one will be able to tell where I'm from

Originally Posted by OthmarAmmann View Post
Bring warm clothes. You're not exactly showing up for prime tourist season if you know what I mean.

You might want to look into snowmobiling. That's some authentic prairie fun.
I haven't been on a snowmobile in years. Any suggestions for places? Sounds fun.

Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
Ice Fishing, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating, hockey outdoors, etc.

There are so many fun outdoor activities to choose from it'll make your head spin!

Enjoy your stay in Peg City!
We sure will, thank you. All of that sounds great. My Cousin's girlfriend is a vegan....I think some of that may have rubbed off on him, so fishing may be out.

Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
i'd stay at the delta or the radisson if you want to be within stumbling distance of the arena.....


the fort garry would be a nice canadian experience and only a few blocks away...inn at the forks is a bit of a walk in january but a good location when not at the games.

should definitely do some ice fishing.
The Inn at the forks looks beautiful. Have to look in to that one maybe. Although I'm sure my Cousin will remind me that two guys traveling together don't need such a romantic-looking hotel :-)

Originally Posted by darksociety View Post
Don't worry about offending 'peggers; we'll be so flat-out amazed that there are Californians here in January that you could get away with murder!
Murder you say? I think my calendar just filled up!

Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
^ yeah you will get more sympathy than anything else.

i wouldnt be surprised if they wrote an article about you in the newspaper.
Maybe I should send them an email announcing our arrival

Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if our goofy mayor (Katz) awards you a key to the city in recognition of your visit to the Peg.

PS Good luck in finding tickets
Cousin Mike already paid dearly at StubHub for some nosebleed seats. Hope they're not fakes lol. Seriously though. You guys have quite the insane ticket market this year! We had no idea where else to look for tix.

Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
You will probably want to stay downtown.

The Radisson and Delta are both connected to MTSC. The Fairmont is also connected to MTSC but you will need a map for navigation.

Technically you could arrive at the airport and take a cab to the hotel and never have to set foot outside until you take a cab back to the airport. Most of downtown is connected via skywalks and underground tunnels. shoping, dining, drinking and the Jets all while never leaving temperature controlled environments.

It can be quite balmy in mid-January in Winnipeg. -20C most likely and could even reach highs of -10C. If the weather is good, ice fishing, tobogganing and some outdoor hockey should certainly be on the agenda.

Enjoy our fine city and thanks for visiting.
I'll have to break out my Celcius to Farenheit calculator....checking....HOLY CRAP THAT'S COLD! My fragile California skin is going to flake off!

We're only going to be there from Wed afternoon, leaving Friday mid-day. (Wife at home with two kids) Though she's very understanding in our goal to see all the NHL venues before we die. It sounds like there's a lot to squeeze in during that time. So far, I've seen the Sharks at San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix. I've seen other games at Carolina and Washington D.C. People are usually cool with us when they find out the distance we've traveled to see the game. (Even the drunk Oilers fans lol.) Except the L.A. fans, everyone the past years has been awesome.

I had no idea that all of that was connected downtown. That sounds great.

Would you all not recommend renting a car? Better to just take a taxi downtown and then walk most places?

One last thing....WHY IS AIRFARE TO WINNIPEG SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE? When we decided to go this year, Winnipeg turns out to be one of the costliest trips that we could find for any team in the NHL from the San Francisco/San Jose area. Very surprising!

Thanks again everyone for the advice. I'm glad I asked here before booking our trip. I've got to'll be the third Canadian NHL city for us. For two guys from California who get looked at funny for being obsessed with the NHL, traveling to Canada feels like we're going home. It's nice to be able to talk to damn near anyone about hockey without hearing a stupid comment like "So you went to the fight and a hockey game broke out EH?"...followed by ignorant laughter.

I didn't want to go to Atlanta anyways lol. (Saw enough of that city in the Army) Thanks for taking care of that for us guys!

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