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10-28-2011, 08:08 AM
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well here's my thoughts..

walked in last night and walked into the 6th floor concourse.. i liked it, very nice and well done. no stands were open though. only 4 food stands served anything other then hot dogs and the lines were ridiculous and blocking the concourse.. there were stands everywhere though and once they are open i think that problem will be alleviated.

as we were walking around the 6th floor concourse, there was a leak right thru the ceiling.. horrible haha

all in all with the 6th floor, once more stands open eevrything will be a lot better and the concourse was a lot wider

7th floor is a mess, cant buy anything other than hot dogs.. that sucks. the end 300's on the 8th floor was a really cool vantage point to see a game from. too many tvs in the first row of those though. they would have been better placed if they were next to the speakers above the seats. once the concessions open back there it will be a lot better too.

400's only one concession stand was open behind me and it was packed all night. it was very tight by the escalator towers too. the west balcony vantage point was cool. bar stool seats are awesome and i definitely want to watch a game from there. no bathrooms up there yet though. definitely bad. only 2 stands open too with long lines. there will be a few more though soon. again, once those are open it will be a lot better.

all in all, things sucked last night and the 7th and 9th floors wont be any better this year.. but once the stands start opening up on the 6th floor and west balcony things will improve. i do have to say though, once this place is done the arena is going to be awesome.

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