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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
so cliche. really.

problem with that inferno is this.

time will bring what ? more of the same ? we have seen what torts has. hes shown us his hand time after time. say what you will about the clown, he is, to a fault, consistent in his beliefs and his theories on winning games. he just doesnt change.

to me his tenure has been defined by 3 common traits.

1. he prefers jam over creativity.

2. he always follows up a goal against with a line of grinders.

3. he believes to his core that his "system" is the way hockey games are won.

we can disect each of those 3 traits and it will indeed define this man and how he sees the game. i submit to you that hes a rigid, flawed coach who creates an environment of tension and fail.

as one of his biggest, uh...wait.... as one of his biggest non supporters i have always said the same thing with this guy. if we win, we win inspite of him and we win because of henrik lundqvist. we rarely, if ever, win on a night that our goaltender doesnt win games for us. period. end of story.

and patience, what of patience...

i think an argument can be made that the extended road trip was difficult. you can also argue that last night was the classic setup game- first game home after long trip teams always lose. also, home openers can be tough with the emotion and then the let down after the adrenaline wears off. all valid.

but...... why should we patient and patient for what ?

do we belive that all of a sudden we will begin to "get it" ? that the powerplay will suddenly go from panic and pass to something resembling confidence and execution? i think not. and the reason i say no is this, we have not seen anything to idicate otherwise.

we keep making excuses.... when staal return or when sauer returns things will improve. mike was back last night- played a ton. we lost. badly.

to date, imo, we have played exactly what 2 maybe 3 decent periods of hockey in how many games? i mean, the other games/ periods have been horror shows punctuated by

poor passing
poor skating
lack of creativity
no shots
poor shot selection when we shoot
pp abortions
lack of emotion
bad bad bad penalties
and way too much chris newberry and erik christensen

and all of this happens over and over and over... all i see is a team of guys skating like robots without purpose and without chemistry and without results but for a few periods.

heres some stuff to chew on while you are being patient

we have 8 points in 8 games. slow start ?
we are 29th in pp % @ 9.7
we are 28th in g/g at 2
we are 24th in 5 on 5 for/against (supposedly our strength)
we are 29th in shots per game with 23- thats 7 per period folks.
we are 24th in shots against with 32 allowed per game.
if the other team scores first, we lose so far 100% of the time.
when we trail after 1 period. we lose
when we lead after 1 period. we lose. ouch.

so i ask you, why should we be patient again ?
At least marginally more efficient in PP than 5 on 5. Mostly due to the poor GF stats 5 on 5. If this team wasn't NY Rangers it wouldn't attract much enthusiasm.

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