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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Couturier looks like he will be very good, but it's going to take a couple before you can really lean on him. Let's hope Schenn is more durable than he's shown thus far.
Originally Posted by chimrichalds18 View Post
The thing is though, I think the Flyers went into this season fully expecting that they could be competitive this year. Who knows, maybe they still can be (I don't see them going far), but it's just so ******* annoying that for the last couple of years, many of us have seen the holes in the lineup as glaring weaknesses, and nothing gets done about them.

Sure, it's great to have Couturier and Schenn in the pipeline for the future, but that doesn't help us with Kimmo and Pronger.
I agree, and we went over this during the summer (a couple of times I believe) how Timonen/Pronger doesn't have that many years left and how our forwards are a few years away from allowing us to really compete. Guess we have to hope for Suter/Weber in the summer.

I don't think we are a contender this year and moost likely we won't be next year either, we should still make the playoffs though. I can see how there could be some cautious optimism though. Bryzgalov is a goalie that can steal games for his team, and the addition of Jagr could turn out to be Homer's best move. I still haven't quite gotten used to seeing him in our colours, but come playoff time having him on the team can really pay dividends. Yes, there is that whole thing about being 40 and having been away from the NHL for three years. But it is Jagr. I have to stop here, I'm sounding like I belong in the Jagr thread...

Having said all this, I didn't like either the Richards or the Carter trade, and I would have gone for Vokoun instead of Bryzgalov. Although, it is probably a good think that I'm not the GM because we probably would have had Jonas Gustavsson and Niitty as our goalies if that were the case.

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