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10-28-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
I think I should bring up the "can we relax a second" thread that was posted in 2006 during the season from hell.

Or how about the "they will flip the switch" thread from last season. But honestly, it is hard as a big fan of your team to watch your team give up 4+ goals every single game. Not going to blame it on Breezy, but his last four games he has given up 19 goals...19...

Now I know 18 or whatever some people are saying goals arent his fault but we still have some major problems right now and if it doesnt get fixed, we could be in for a LONGGGG season.
The issue isn't really whether or not this team will win the Cup or even make the playoffs. It's the fact that this season is only 10 games old and people are going off the deep end talking about firing Lavy, tanking for last place, switching goalies, etc. The first five games of the season included a shutout and only one loss (in OT). The next five the team was 1-4. Not cause for alarm. If this was January and the team was in the toilet, then ok, lets start talking about some of this stuff. But ten games in to a season, whether they are 10-0 or 0-10, is not the time to start panicking or celebrating. They've already shown they can go five games without a regulation loss, why can't they do that again starting tomorrow?

The problem with this board is that losses appear to be weighed more than wins. This team can go on a five game unbeaten streak then go 1-4 and all of the sudden the sky is falling. If they win five more and then lose to more, the sky will once again be falling. And so forth and so on. Let's wait until A) the team falls out of contention or B) at least until a larger part of the season has been played before we start taking the suicide pillz.

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