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10-28-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Upgrayedd View Post
I don't understand why in Ottawa the majority of the people covering the team both in the newspaper and on radio are self professed fans of other teams...and almost appear to dislike both the Senators and the city of this common in other cities or just Ottawa? I personally would rather listen to people who support the team rather than constantly play devil's advocate.....i wont even start on that clown shoe on TGOR constantly ripping Alfie, yeah thats great radio
He rips Alfie every chance he gets but also seems to dislike Spezza and takes a shot at him whenever the opportunity arises.

He also ripped Zibby for not declaring his desire for the Sens to win the cup when answering questions about being sent back to Sweden.

He seems to be unaware that the Sens had a visit to the cup finals after the Oilers run which he refers to often when not maundering on about the glory days of the Oilers cup wins.

I dont know why he is on the show at all.

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