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10-28-2011, 11:09 AM
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I wore mine tight at first, but later tried a looser system and it helped me be a bit more flexible and close my 5 hole better. Had I bought bigger pads, the latter wouldn't have mattered but here's my set up.

My toe ties have a one inch spacer and I add an extra inch, maybe an inch and a half of slack.
Boot strap is buckled at last hole before I feel any resistance pulling tight.
Ankle strap is as tight as can get.
If I had a middle calf strap, somewhere in between loose and tight
Top calf strap is very loose
Knee strap is semi loose. If you pulled all the way tight, I give up about 4 or 5 spaces then I buckle it.
No top straps. When I had them on, I buckled them on the very first hole and they were extremely loose.

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