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10-28-2011, 11:24 AM
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Glad you chose Winnipeg.

Inn at the Forks is definitely the best choice. If you want to try your hand at skating or snowshoeing, you can access the river path day or night from the hotel (it is lighted and has warming huts). There are also restaurants and pubs within walking distance - even if it is cold.

Beware of exaggerators on this (and other) boards. It will be cold, but probably more like +12 to -12 degrees Fahrenheit range, not -40. And Winnipeggers aren't aggressive drivers - should you chose to rent a car. Some folks carry the preconceived notion that all drivers around them are aggressive, and Winnipeggers are no exception. However, the reality is the cold weather and snow keeps everyone fairly humble on the roads, at least more so than in heavier populated areas.

And speaking of car rental, consider it if you are going to be here for a few days. Taking a taxi to/from the airport, to/from the games, and to/from any extra activities (snowmobiling was mentioned) will start to add up. I'm sure you've considered that.

Best of luck planning and enjoy.

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