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10-28-2011, 11:32 AM
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I don't care that Jerome is a nut or hates our team really. I'm too preoccupied with the fact that he's an idiot or knows nothing about sports.

TGOR - "So, how about that Sens-Florida game. Exciting last minute."
Jerome - "Oh, nobody cares about that. Lets talk about sweaters, baking, reality TV, pornography or alcohol."
TGOR - 'Uh, ok... let's be polite and see where this is going."
Jerome - "Oh, wait. I'm thinking of a hockey player. Do you guys remember him?"
TGOR - "Bunny Laraque?"
Jerome - "No, no, no. More famous and blue."
TGOR - "Uh.... Brett Hull?"
Jerome - "No, you know. The guy. Won the trophy at the end of the year and everything."
TGOR - "Messier?"
Jerome - "No, his teammate!"
TGOR- "Brian Leetch?"
Jerome- "No, the skinny guy."
TGOR- "Wayne Gretzky?"
Jerome- "Yeah, that guy."

Kills 5 minutes of air time just to figure out what he's trying to say on the rare occasions that he actually talks about sports.

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