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10-28-2011, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
I'm only 34, and a Kings fan for 23 years. And I don't get it.

Like others have said, if your life has been so golden that your biggest fear is dying without seeing your favorite team lift a cup, then you have zilch to ***** about.

I've seen some of the good (1993 cup run) and a lot of bad (almost every season since then). The Kings have won I think one playoff round in 18 years, and none in about a decade. While I care, I'm not going to pout that I haven't watched my team win a cup. And if they don't win it for another 50 years and I die without seeing it, I won't be cursing the Kings on my deathbed either.

I've been priviledged to be able to live in a society where one of my biggest hobbies is following a business where grown men are paid insane salaries to play a sport which involves skating around a frozen surface in the pursuit of a small rubber object. I've not grown up poor, hungry or abused, I've not been homeless, robbed or harmed greatly in anyway, I've not been born and raised in country who values war and bloodshed over peace and the pursuit of happiness.

No, I've been blessed, truly blessed, yet I am no different than many of you, based on what I have read in your postings over the years (minus Kurrilino, he may actually be from another planet).

So if I were to be near the end of my life, like the lady in the article PSP linked, and my only dying wish was to see the Kings win a cup, then I am going out the door for that dirt nap knowing I have had a well above average life compared to where else I could have ended up.

It's funny how from time to time we tell players, parents, kids, etc that "it's just a game," yet here we are, having a thread about how life won't be complete unless we watch our team lift what, when we take a step back and look at it, is a trophy.

It is just a game, a game for our enjoyment. It is called entertianment for a reason. If your life is so dependent on watching a pro franchise succeed, then that starts to enter the realm of obsession and maybe you need to take a step back for a while.
/thread close. You're on fire today Kingsfan awesome post.

I have always told myself, that I need to accept that the Kings may never Win a cup. I think it's the hardest trophy in sports to win. The Kings could have Crosby , and Babcock coaching and not win it.

I am ok with that. I got more important things in my life to worry about.

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