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10-28-2011, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by operasen View Post
I refuse to listen when Jerome is on - I even tune out the first question to Maquire which he gets to ask so he's out of the way. He has no business being on radio. I did catch a few lines of his diatribe saying Cherry should not be on the TV because of his antics.

Versage (Captain dead air) and his sidekick Ultra Monotone are horrible. You can actually see the thought process (lack of one) as they try to figure out what to say.. Its laughable when Versage plays mad. Both need to go. I try to miss that show to.
Versage doesn't even have a voice for radio. His intonation is all wrong and I often have trouble hearing what the hell he's saying. He does seem to actually LIKE the Sens so that's a plus, but he's a true Devils fan. Don't ask me why or how! As for Showkiller, why he's on the Team1200 while being a hardcore Leafs fan is a mystery. Not like he has Scott MacArthur presence and knowledge. Meh. I actually prefer listening to TSN Radio Toronto, since they at least cover the NHL most of the time, while those two talk more football than hockey 80% of the show.

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