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10-28-2011, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by dingdong View Post
Superstars are players who sell tickets/merchandise/TV ratings. They're goal scorers, usually, because that's what people pay to see.

Google search results for "Shea weber superstar" : 631,000
Google search results for "Jonathan toews superstar" : 1,110,000
Google search results for "Alex ovechkin superstar" : 2,260,000
Google search results for "Sidney crosby superstar" : 7,790,000

That's the difference between great players superstars. And that's also why we'd get him cheaper than you think.
Shea Weber is a star in this league. Perennial All-Star, captain of his team, major contributor in international play, recognized by an arbitrator as the most valuable at his position this past summer.

(I'm not going to get into "star vs. superstar" because that kind of subjective mumbo jumbo leads people to do things like post volumes of Google search results as though it meant anything.)

Anyway if you think a defenseman is practically by definition "not a superstar," perhaps you can explain why the league's 139th-highest scorer (174th in goals) is making $6.9m this year. Or for that matter why another player who was 96th in scoring (also 174th in goals) found a team willing to pay him $10m this season.

As for coming "cheaper than [we] might think" that really only applies if you're using a strawman like a $9m/year figure that I've never seen anyone propose.

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