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10-28-2011, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
I don't care that Jerome is a nut or hates our team really. I'm too preoccupied with the fact that he's an idiot or knows nothing about sports.

TGOR - "So, how about that Sens-Florida game. Exciting last minute."
Jerome - "Oh, nobody cares about that. Lets talk about sweaters, baking, reality TV, pornography or alcohol."
TGOR - 'Uh, ok... let's be polite and see where this is going."
Jerome - "Oh, wait. I'm thinking of a hockey player. Do you guys remember him?"
TGOR - "Bunny Laraque?"
Jerome - "No, no, no. More famous and blue."
TGOR - "Uh.... Brett Hull?"
Jerome - "No, you know. The guy. Won the trophy at the end of the year and everything."
TGOR - "Messier?"
Jerome - "No, his teammate!"
TGOR- "Brian Leetch?"
Jerome- "No, the skinny guy."
TGOR- "Wayne Gretzky?"
Jerome- "Yeah, that guy."

Kills 5 minutes of air time just to figure out what he's trying to say on the rare occasions that he actually talks about sports.
My personal two fav Jimism's that they continue to replay are the time he asked Pierre about Sid Crosby possibly using a new stick which was completely off topic at the time and Pierre quickly shuts him down and seems bothered by such a stupid question and moves on to the next question....then there is the infamous tylenol for a concussion claim, absolutely the stupidest thing ive ever heard a broadcaster say in my life, seriously!

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