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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
Why don't you just change the title of the thread to " Why did we trade Carter and Richards?"

Suggest you use the search function to gain some insight into your inquiry.....
That was actually exactly what I did prior to the threadstart, well I'm sorry if I soiled the forum with another thread, but I didn't feel as reopening age old threads consisting of 80 % flame wars would give me the better insight than starting a new, focused thread. Sorry though if I was wrong.

Also, my question isn't exactly why we traded, I felt we had to, having Carter, Richards, Giroux and Briere is just at least one star center too much. Giroux being our golden boy, I just wondered why Carter and Richards felt the better option than Carter+Briere, Richards+Briere, only Briere, only Carter/Richards or so. Didn't mean to upset people with bringing up an old subject though.

And I actually thought I got good responses. So I'm not unhappy with the thread. It's too bad that you are though, that wasn't my intent.

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