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Originally Posted by dingdong View Post
In case you're too 'clever' to get my point, it's all about $. Shea is good, but he's not worth a cruise ship filled with prime assets, or $9 million/season, or whatever people keep proposing (other than the people who keep proposing 1 injured player + 1 unproven prospect + 1 talentless plug + draft pick)
A better test than a Google volume search would be to just visit the Nashville threads about Weber, and see if they'd agree with you that he doesn't attract fans to the building...he's acknowledged by the fans, the ownership, the team and the media as the face and heart of the team, essential to sign or else they could lose a generation of fans, and it was heralded as the beginning of a new era when he took over the captaincy from Arnott.

Also, regardless of the admitted adrenaline rush of goal-scoring, most hockey commentators, GM's and coaches will tell you (this certainy comes up every draft) that there isn't anything more valuable than a big, mobile two-way defenseman.

Whether it makes sense for us or not is a debatable point that could go either way, but anything less than Edler, Hodgson, 1st/prospect type deal will just get beaten by anybody else. Nashville will want either a star-for-star replacement, there was some talk of a Parise for Weber type of swap that keeps coming up, or else, a less-than-equal replacement on defense (Edler), an offensive forward to help their scoring woes (Hodgson or Raymond if he could prove healthy) and something else to even things up (pick/prospect).

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