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Originally Posted by dingdong View Post
Superstars are players who sell tickets/merchandise/TV ratings. They're goal scorers, usually, because that's what people pay to see.

Google search results for "Shea weber superstar" : 631,000
Google search results for "Jonathan toews superstar" : 1,110,000
Google search results for "Alex ovechkin superstar" : 2,260,000
Google search results for "Sidney crosby superstar" : 7,790,000

That's the difference between great players superstars. And that's also why we'd get him cheaper than you think.
Interesting position.

Weber must have been on Gillis' radar since the Olympics at least. He was noticeable.
I imagine he has inquired. It didn't happen.

The Canucks are in a poo position, right now. They were beat up in the playoffs, skipped camp, lost players and are now sucking in a market that is unreasonable in its expectations. Adding Weber won't cover all the symptoms, but it is a start. Unfortunate that they are already depleted. I think that's why Turris isn't here. Weber, too, the Canucks don't have the assets to fetch either.

Who can the Canucks trade? Perhaps a Dman, but that's a real gamble. A goalie? Again, too much of a gamble. A prospect? Tanev?

Would Tanev and Ebbett get Weber or Turris? The Canucks would have to offer real value, that means Edler or Schnieder or Hodgson. I do not think they want to move any of those guys. Also, there was plenty of time in the offseason to do a deal of this magnitude. They didn't. I don't think they will now. Gillis likes to win trades. The team hasn't put him in a position of strength.

As absurd as it seems, Luongo is who I'd be inquiring about, as a rival GM. He is a distressed asset, right now. This is when I'd strike, when things seem blackest. If I was Maloney I'd be asking for him for sure. If I was Gillis, I'd not dare approach the Aquilinis with this.

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