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10-28-2011, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
Ignore the weather comments. I dunno what it is about some Winnipeggers. They over exagerate the coldness to try sounding like Winnipeggers are somehow tougher cause we live in a cold climate and others just can't deal with it. Yeah it's cold, but its far from unliveable. If you've been anywhere else in Canada (except Vancouver) or anywhere in the Northern States in the winter you'll have an idea for what its like. The average January high 9.1F and the average low is -9F.
Expectations are a terrible measure in isolation. All that means is if he goes to Winnipeg in January for several years in a row, that the high temperature he'll experience is about 9.1F (-12.7C) on average and the low temperature would be about -9.0F (-22.8C) on average. The overall average is 0.0F (-17.8C), but the standard deviation has been 7.0F (3.9C).

It's the distribution that counts: 20.1 days in January (about 2 in 3) have a low less than -4F and 6.8 days (about 1 in 5) have a low less than -22F. 18.4 days (about 3 in 5) have windchills below -22F and 7.2 days (about 1 in 4) have windchills below -40F.


It's not exaggeration. There's a very good likelihood that the windchill could be below -22F when they visit and a material likelihood it could be below -40F. It wouldn't be responsible in my opinion to not warn a visitor that they should be prepared for that kind of weather. It's not like it's a freak occurrence. If you're going to spend 15 to 20 minutes or more outside in that weather and you're not acclimated to it, you need to have more than a wool coat and ear muffs. I'm not saying there isn't stuff to do and enjoy outdoors, but a visitor should at least understand how they'll need to prepare.

I actually think Manitoba should really market itself as a winter tourism destination to parts of the world that don't have much of an extreme winter. It could certainly find a niche as an ecotourism/adventure tourism destination.

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