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10-28-2011, 07:43 PM
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The fighting fetish runs so deep in the veins of some Bruins fans that they've convinced themselves it's an equal part of the game, like some Bizarro-World scorecard that lists goals, assists, hits, fights and turtling alongside each other. This mindset even has its own made-up language: "Moral victory", "Code", "Answer the bell". But waitaminnut -- what bell? There's no bell in hockey. It might be clanging away in their fevered imagination, but down on the ice the players are focused on winning a hockey game the old-fashioned way, by scoring more goals than them. Sure, nothing wrong with a fight happening if emotions bubble over. But if emotions are held in check and the player decides NOT to fight, it might be because he doesn't feel like sitting in the penalty box to accommodate some made-up theory about a bell.

Funny how all that tough-sounding lingo emerges when they lose. Can't get a real victory? Provoke a fight and call it -- ironically -- a 'moral victory'. Or hit a guy in the face and demand he follow the 'code' of pointless retaliation; how dare he place more value on that other code of winning the game.

I have no problem with tough hockey and big hits, but if you turn to fighting, hitting and provoking as a response to not getting your way, then try on this descriptive language: "Big, pouty tantrum".

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