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10-28-2011, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by HSHS View Post
Milhaus: I saw it as him swinging his stick at the airborne puck and sticks energy made puck clear glass... Where blocking deflections the energy is from the shooter.
Yes but unless the shot or pass was heading off the rink it was the additional energy generated from the block that changed the direction and actually got it over the glass.

This comes down to at what point does deflecting become batting? If your stick is just sitting there then it is definitely just a deflection but if you are moving your stick at the puck you could easily make the case that you are batting the puck and thus that should be called a lot more often, not that I want that.

There are going to be plenty of cases this year where guys will be swinging their sticks to block passes and shots and send pucks off the rink as a result and no penalty will be called. I don't see his as any different.

But whatever, I don't blame one call for the loss or anything like that, I just see it as a really sketchy call.

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