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10-28-2011, 09:00 PM
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New Years Eve call-out!

Hi all. Habs fan here.

I was at last New Years Eve game between our two clubs. Had a great time, my team won in overtime, I even got Tomas Plekanec's game stick as he came off the ice (the one I'm holding in my avatar).

One problem: It felt like a Montreal home game. Tons of loud Montrealers on vacation, all wearing their jerseys and pretty well Hab-ifying the Bank Atlantic Center. Yeah, a certain amount of the familiarity was fun, but half the fun of watching my team play in enemy territory is feeling like I'm in enemy territory. I wanted Panther fans shouting us down, cheering their team, giving me some friendly trash talk between periods. But none of that happened. The few Panther fans there stayed politely, frustratingly quiet.

The poor announcer kept egging the home crowd to make some noise, at which point the place erupted with, "Go Habs Go!". I felt bad for the Panthers, who deserved better. I dunno -- maybe there's an unspoken understanding to stay away on New Years Eve and let those annoying Montrealers rent out the joint for a night.

Anyway, I'm going again this New Year's Eve and would love to see Panther fans make some real noise and reclaim their home from us poutine-eating Canadians. Hell, I'd love to see Panther fans, period.

My sincere apologies if anyone thinks I'm being insulting or arrogant. That's not my goal at all. The game at your beautiful arena will be the highlight of my vacation and I'd really love to watch a well-fought battle between our teams. Part of the fun is having a well-fought cheering battle between two respectful fan bases. Would love to see some of you there!

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