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10-28-2011, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Am I the only one who agrees with this?

Even though I dislike the stupid fights and the boston mentality regarding them, I can at least admit one very important thing. We're different. If they feel the need to enjoy fights and call out our guys, so be it. I REALLY don't take it seriously and no one should.

I go on bruins board often and a lot of them are gentlemen, so I hope the ones who do come in peace you treat them well. I like when two rivals can talk hockey, it's good. Sometimes in order to get somewhere, you gotta agree to disagree, and trying to explain why toughness and fights and all that is necessary and the so called rules on how subban and other members of our team should play is just pointless. Then again, they probably can't understand our style of game either sometimes. It is what it is. I wish they would just drop the nonsense about subban and others and I wish we'd stop trying to get back at them when a story changes. It's childish and pointless. We'll never convince them, they'll never convince us and that's the beauty of the rivalry, it makes no sense but you'll never agree just because you hate the other team! I mean, they feel Marchand got a decisive win, some of us feel subban won. FFS, neither won. It was just a sideshow, a funny one, but a sideshow. Subban going for haymakers and falling on his ass. Yah, big fight. If they want to believe subban is supposed to be a tough guy, so be it. They just look crazy because 99% of fans know Subban isn't and never claimed to be. Just agree to disagree sometimes. Otherwise, as Lafleurs Guy said, it's a waste of time.
Well, I obviously mispoke because this thread did offer me a chance to make a cheap Mike Komisarek joke.

Any thread that provides me the opportunity for this is one worth keeping right?

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