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10-29-2011, 03:22 AM
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I don't know why you think the fan base is at it's breaking point. Every year the fan base is at it's "breaking point". I am an Orioles fan... I haven't cared to watch them play for 10 years. I enjoy hockey more so I still watch the Isles lose. I don't think there really is a "breaking point" for the fan base. Attendance will be low (like it has been) but the "breaking point" will happen for Wang, nobody else. It's his boat to sink or sail. It's not your call or the fan's call, lol.

As far as the rebuild, you have recognized that getting veterans is affected by the coliseum and the management but you underplay it too much. The line "has not gone out and gotten veteran presence" is 100% not Snow's fault. He has tried dilligently every chance he has gotten. It's just time to accept that this is not a place where people want to play. Those who get drafted and see Long Island love it and that makes sense. They are definitely willing to stay. Those on the outside who don't live here would never want to sign. Snow knows it has to be done by drafting and that's all he's got.

As far as the rebuild being successful, I think it is average. I think a great example of a successful rebuild is Chicago. I don't think using the Pens or Caps as an example is fair. The drafts for the Caps and Pens had true superstar game changers and it would have been difficult for the to screw that up. There moves were obvious. I don't think it's fair to include them. Chicago, though, had a great rebuild and started all the way back with guys like Patrick Sharp. The Islanders drafting through the 2000's was mostly miserable and the bonehead move to pass on Parise is the one true sore spot I have for their horrible drafting.

So just to sum up my opinion, the Isles have done an average job with the rebuild factoring in the strength of the drafts and the fact that adding veterans is severely handicapped. It's going to be another struggle to stay at .500 this year and we will see who gets blamed for it this time around. Guys like Capuano, Comeau, Bailey and Okposo should keep a packed bag. I like Okposo and Capuano, but some people are going to be hit with blame. Bailey and Comeau can go right now for all I care, I think they could be replaced through the waiver wire at some point.

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