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01-21-2007, 04:26 PM
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Here's a quick "how to":
Start a new thread in one of our two vBookie forums.

Title should be descriptive of the event including date & time. Put something in the body of the post, eg preview, a link to the odds, your pick... there has to be something there.

Scroll down a bit and you'll see "Post a vBookie Event" under Poll options. Check the box for "Yes, post a vBookie Event with this thread" , click the Submit New Thread button you'll be taken to the screen to set up your event.

Complete the fields: (example below)
Event Group: NHL, NFL, NCAA Basketball etc.
Event Title: use the same as your thread title which you can paste in from above
Number of Outcomes: default is 2 which is usually correct
Event Outcomes: fill in the team names, eg
Outcome 1: Pittsburgh
Outcome 2: Toronto

Fill in the odds:
You'll need to find an oddsmaking service for this part. You should do this before you try to post a new event. I use
For the example screenshot the url where the odds were found is

You'll see sets of numbers like this:
Toronto +110
Pittsburgh -125

The negative always goes on the bottom of the divisor. Positive numbers always go on top. So the odds would be entered as:

Toronto 110 to 100
Pittsburgh 100 to 125

If both numbers are negative then 100 is divided into each for the odds
Buffalo -112
Montreal -110

Odds would be entered as:
Buffalo 100 to 112
Montreal 100 to 110

Finally you have to make sure the time and date are correct. The date should be the date of the event, and the time should be the time it starts, so people can't bet when it's in progress :
"Accept Bets Until
This is the date (and optional time) up until which new bets are accepted."

Same as 'Accept Bets Until' date - box should be checked
Time Zone: should be the same as yours
Allow multiple bets on this Event: that's up to you

When done:

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