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10-29-2011, 09:03 AM
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I'm going to read your post and respond to it, but I want to answer your question first. Could the rebuild be failing? Absolutely. But, there's still hope for Aaron Ness, we hit on Travis Hamonic, and I'm not sure about Corey Trivino. Did that guy decide he wants to be a hockey player yet? I haven't followed him much THIS YEAR in college. I know that he's been a BU sucker through last year.

In short, the 08 drat appears to be failing, but it can be salvaged. Starting tonight, Josh Bailey can either turn it around, or we can trick another team into taking him and giving us something quality for him, even if it's in a package.

The rebuild overall, yes it is failing, and not necessarily because of the prospects. But the kids have not been surrounded by the right people. Let's say you want to build a new house. You go out, buy the best wood, the best concrete for your foundation, but decided not to invest in nails. What you have is this great material, but nothing to put it together. And when you decide that it's time to invest in nails, you get the cheapest nails because as much as you love this house, you still don't want to spend too much money. And when you see that the nails are failing you, you pull them out, and go to Home Depot to buy... more cheap nails.

I think the overall project is failing. Bailey pisses me off, but I'm not sure if I necessarily blame him. He was mishandled first of all by being rushed, then Scott Gordon jerked him around. Bailey's gotten worse, but I would be very encouraged if he would bury his early years, pull himself up by the boot straps, and start playing hockey.

Frankly, I don't remember much beyond Tavares and de Haan in the 2009 draft. Tavares was an obvious gimme. We're still waiting to see what's been accomplished in 2010 and 2011.

Now, I am not at all preaching patience. Because that's kind of a cop out. No, it IS a cop out. I'm willing to be patient with the prospects, but not with the team. Unfortunately, management has not allowed that, because too many prospects ARE the team. I'm very disappointed that John Tavares has not been surrounded by more experienced players. To a large extent Crosby was surrounded by experienced, quality vets immediately, and to a lesser extent, Ovechkin was, too. What I love about Tavares is that he's surrounded by players rescued from the scrap heap, if not virtual crap, and making the best of it. Even when he "couldn't skate", he made Moulson look real good.

Management is failing us, and in turn, the players are failing us, but they do need to visibly try harder. So I blame them for that.

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